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ihasablanket's Journal

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Sherlock, Watson, TV, Humour
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---- Welcome one and all to the sanctum of silly. Ripped mercilessly from the idea of ihazacheeseburger, we bring you all I HAZ A BLANKET . A place to post all your random, stupid, silly and possibly vaguely insane macros in relation to BBC's exquisite Sherlock

Rules (If we didn't have them we would all be running around littering and plucking magpies with clothes pegs)

* We are all friends here, and hopefully civilised human beings, so lets keep this place peaceful but a place for a steady stream of lolification.

* No full on character bashing please. If you want to do that, keep to your own journal or go to I Haz A Character Bash, if that place exists.

* If the macro is a spoiler, i.e. taken from a screencap or filming from an as yet unseen episode, please place it under an lj-cut. Thank you please.

* If the image or macro is NSFW or scandalously dirty, please put it under a cut AND put a lovely little spoiler on the post. (NOT in the title please because folks can miss that sort of thing.)

If you're not sure how to make an lj-cut please see here
lj-cut?? What on earth?!

* Also, if necessary, please credit any screencaps taken from a personal collection. If you can't credit personally, then just leave a little comment as to where you located the caps.

* But, most importantly, have fun.

And a BIG MASSIVE, HOWGE, BIG UP to arianedevere who prompted the creation of this comm in THIS POST ....and came up with the name.

Contact The Mod

If you have any questions, queries, revolutionary ideas, carping or general enquiries, feel free to contact us.
moose_mcmoose - via PM
sarlania - via PM.